In the Streams tab, you gain direct access to the session data streams. You can access all the collected data streams, including Elevation, Power, Cadence, Torque, Heart Rate, and Speed.

Additionally, depending on the sensors worn during the activity, you may also have access to supplementary streams such as body temperature, blood glucose, or muscle oxygen saturation.

If you have other sensor data that you would like to be integrated with GrAIg, please contact us and we will do our best to add it ASAP.

Automatic Interval Detection

Our cutting-edge technology uses advanced Deep Learning algorithms to automatically detect laps during training sessions. This feature is robust, reliable, and precise, having been extensively trained on a wide range of data.

By automating lap detection, we eliminate the time-consuming task of manual identification. This time-saving advantage is invaluable for coaches dealing with multiple athletes. It transforms a process that could take minutes or even hours into a matter of seconds.

This efficiency not only streamlines analysis but also enhances performance assessments. Coaches can confidently use detected laps to identify intensity variations, track progress, and make data-driven training adjustments.

In conclusion, our automatic lap detection technology revolutionizes the way coaches and athletes analyze training sessions. It saves time, allowing coaches to focus on individualized support and training optimization, delivering unprecedented efficiency and accuracy to the coaching and training experience.

Stream Zooming

You can make use of our stream zooming feature to access detailed statistics on specific areas of interest within your training session. By zooming in, you have the power to focus on particular segments, intervals, or moments of the session, gaining in-depth insights into key performance metrics.

Missing power value predictions

Our platform features an intelligent tool that automatically addresses missing values in the power stream, ensuring data accuracy and integrity. In cases of gaps, our advanced algorithms seamlessly estimate the missing data to maintain the power stream's continuity. This ensures complete and reliable session analysis, saving time and effort, and empowering coaches and athletes with accurate data for well-informed decisions. Trust in our commitment to delivering a seamless training experience, where you can focus on optimizing training, improving performance, and achieving athletic goals without disruptions caused by missing data.

W' balance stream

The W' balance stream is a crucial metric that sheds light on an athlete's anaerobic capacity depletion during training. Understanding W' balance is essential for gauging fatigue levels and making informed training adjustments.

W', also known as "anaerobic work capacity," represents the finite high-intensity work an athlete can perform above their critical power (CP) before fatigue sets in. As an athlete engages in intense efforts, the W' balance gradually depletes. Monitoring it allows you to assess how much anaerobic capacity has been used and how much remains.

Analyzing the W' balance stream reveals trends in anaerobic depletion. If fatigue levels are high, you can make training plan adjustments, optimizing performance while preventing overtraining.

In summary, the W' balance stream is a powerful tool for training management and performance optimization, aiding coaches in making informed decisions for athletes to achieve their full potential while minimizing the risk of overexertion and injury.

Power zones

When you add the athlete's power zones onto the stream background, it visually confirms the correctness of lap intensities. This allows for quick and precise evaluation of lap performance, aiding in training optimization and ensuring consistent performance. This feature not only enhances training analysis but also empowers data-driven coaching decisions, playing a pivotal role in achieving athletic success.

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