👋GrAIg Studio

Take training to the next level with Artificial Intelligence

GrAIg Studio is a time-saving solution that allows coaches to get the most out of their athletes' data.

GrAIg's technology provides coaches with the right tools to make the most of training, racing, daily & subjective data. It saves time, enables accurate analysis, and allows coaches to make the best possible decisions.

How does it work?

🤖 Fully automated analyses

GrAIg Studio processes all your athletes' data to provide you with extremely advanced and precise analyses in just a few clicks.

From training data, GrAIg Studio automatically detects and classifies intervals so you don't have to. It detects races & session types, groups similar sessions, generates training summaries, and offers metrics to simplify, understand, and transform the massive amount of data available.

Thus, GrAIg Studio allows you to:

  • be extremely precise in training monitoring

  • refine volume & intensity calibration

  • benefit from the value of different data sources

➡️ All this in a very short amount of time

⚕️Daily estimates of athletes' metabolism

GrAIg Studio also features Machine Learning models that can estimate the metabolic profile of your athletes on a daily basis. From their training, daily, and subjective data, our models estimate Critical Power, W', and VO2max.

You can then:

  • recalibrate training zones on a daily basis

  • quantify the evolution of a rider without the need for testing

  • measure the impact of a training plan on the athlete's metabolism

To summarize, this technology allows to hyper-personalize athletes' training by adapting to the needs and specificities of each one.

🎽 Athletes' performance prediction

Finally, GrAIg Studio will soon be able to predict the impact of a training program on a rider's performance.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our models will measure the influence of each session, the links between them, and the effect of their sequence on an athlete's performance.

Thanks to an integration with TrainingPeaks, we directly retrieve the sessions you have planned in order to:

  • quantify the impact of a training program on an athlete

  • simulate different strategies to validate the one that best fits your expectations

  • and above all, allow you to put everything in place so that an athlete is at peak capacity on a race day

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