GrAIg uses cutting-edge technology to estimate the metabolic profile of athletes on a daily basis, eliminating the need for lab testing. By leveraging data from their training activities, daily metrics, and subjective inputs, our advanced models calculate several essential metabolic parameters, including:

  1. VO2Max: This key metric represents the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during intense exercise and serves as an indicator of an athlete's cardiovascular fitness and endurance capacity.

  2. Critical Power: Critical Power is the highest sustainable power output an athlete can maintain without fatigue for a prolonged period. It signifies the boundary between power outputs that can be sustained aerobically and those requiring anaerobic contributions.

  3. W' (Anaerobic Work Capacity): W', often referred to as Anaerobic Work Capacity, represents the finite amount of work that can be performed above Critical Power. It reflects an athlete's anaerobic energy reserve and is crucial for high-intensity efforts. Monitoring W' helps athletes gauge and manage their efforts during short bursts of intense activity.

  4. Maximum Power for 10 Seconds: This metric denotes the highest power output an athlete can generate for a brief duration, typically around 10 seconds. It showcases the immediate burst capability and anaerobic performance of an athlete, crucial in sports requiring rapid accelerations or explosive movements

By estimating these metabolic parameters through our advanced algorithms, GrAIg enables you to gain valuable insights into your athletes' physiological capabilities, adjust training programs, and optimize performance without the need for invasive and time-consuming lab tests. This data-driven approach empowers athletes to make informed decisions about their training and nutrition, leading to enhanced athletic achievements and overall well-being.

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