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Lap types

Laps are specific moments in a training session where the athlete performs blocks of intensity in order to correctly perform the training prescribed.
Our algorithms automatically detect the intensity laps and classify them according to a particular typology depending on the power developed by the athlete and other factors.
  • Anaerobic: All-out effort of more than 20''
  • Endurance: Long, low intensity block to improve the athlete's mitochondrial capacity
  • Long Threshold: Duration of more than 8 minutes and the intensity is around threshold
  • Long VO2: Lap repetitions longer than 55 seconds close to VO2Max intensity
  • Motor Pacing: part of a workout performed behind a motorcycle to perform a race pace simulation
  • Recovery: Very low intensity period for the athlete to recover from metabolic and muscular waste
  • Recovery Interval: Recovery periods in between laps
  • Short Threshold: 8-minute or less periods where intensity is around threshold
  • Short VO2: Lap repetitions between 20" and 55" close to VO2Max intensity
  • Sprint: High intensity effort over a short duration, close to the athlete's record power values over these durations
  • Strength: Low cadence period with a set power to generate high torque
  • Sub-Threshold: Intensity below the lactate zone, allows for low-energy training while improving cardiovascular and muscular adaptation
  • Tempo: Long period above the endurance threshold
  • Tempo Progressive: Gradual increase in intensity to warm-up or stimulate the Sweet Spot zone
  • Max Effort: Blocks performed at maximum intensity to assess and baseline the athlete's physical level.

Session type

The session type classifies the training session performed into one of the below types. Several types of sessions are carried out by athletes to improve certain physiological parameters over others.
The types and amount of laps (using the list above) will define which session type was performed by the rider.
  • Anaerobic: Short all-out efforts (<3') but over 20". Multiple laps are often repeated with a relatively long recovery time.
  • Endurance: Long session (>2 hours) with low intensity. Some may contain intensity blocks, which are negligible in endurance improvement.
  • Long Threshold: Training session containing one or more Long Threshold laps.
  • Long VO2: Training session containing one or more Long VO2 laps.
  • Motor Pacing: Session where a section of it was done behind a motorcycle to replicate a race pace.
  • Opener: Low intensity but may contain a few sporadic high-intensity laps. Usually performed the day before a race.
  • Over Under: Training comprised of laps oscillating over and under the athlete's FTP.
  • Recovery: Very low-intensity session to recover from a race or high training load periods.
  • Short Threshold: Training session containing one or more Short Threshold laps.
  • Short VO2: Training session containing one or more Short VO2 laps.
  • Sprint: Session containing several high intensity sprints.
  • Strength: Session with moderate intensity laps but with low cadence.
  • Sweet Spot: Session performed with laps between 88% and 94% of the athlete's FTP.
  • Tempo: Training session containing multiple long laps in the Tempo zone.
  • Test: Test sessions contain one or more all-out tests to baseline the rider’s performance.