📈Training Analysis

When you wish to conduct a thorough analysis of a specific session, simply click on it within the Calendar tab. This action opens the door to six distinct sections, each thoughtfully designed to streamline a comprehensive and precise analysis, all achievable in just a matter of minutes:

  1. General: In this section, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the session, including essential metrics like duration, distance, average heart rate, normalized power, and more.

  2. Streams: Access detailed data streams recorded during the session, covering power, heart rate, cadence, and elevation. This section empowers you to explore the session's data points for a meticulous understanding of performance.

  3. Laps: If the session includes intervals, this section dissects the data for each lap, offering insights into performance variations throughout the session.

  4. Time in Zones: Gain insights into the distribution of time spent in different heart rate or power zones, aiding in the assessment of the session's overall training intensity.

  5. Peaks: Pinpoint and analyze moments of peak performance during the session. This section highlights the highest efforts achieved in terms of power.

  6. Comparison: Conduct side-by-side comparisons between the current session and previous similar sessions to track progress, spot improvements, and evaluate performance trends.

Utilizing these six sections, you can effortlessly conduct a comprehensive analysis of your chosen session, acquiring crucial insights to inform training adjustments, assess performance, and make well-informed coaching decisions. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the analysis, ensuring you save valuable time while enhancing the depth and precision of your assessment.

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