In the General tab, you'll find a one-stop source for all key information about the session, offering a holistic view of the athlete's performance. Here are the details available:

  • Duration: Shows the total time spent during the session.

  • Distance: Reveals the overall distance covered by the athlete.

  • Power: Provides insights into power metrics, including:

    • Adjusted Power: An assessment of power output accounting for effort variations.

    • Average Power: The athlete's typical power exertion throughout the session.

    • Maximum Power: The highest power output achieved.

  • Heart Rate: Includes heart rate metrics, such as:

    • Average Heart Rate: The athlete's typical heart rate during the session.

    • Maximum Heart Rate: The highest recorded heart rate.

    • Percentage of Maximum Heart Rate: Proportion of max heart rate reached.

  • Session Type: Classifies the specific type of training.

  • Training Load: Details on training loads encountered during the session.

  • Total Work: The overall work performed, considering power and duration.

  • Elevation Gain & Loss: Vertical distance climbed and descended.

  • Speed (Average): The athlete's typical speed.

  • Cadence (Average): The average stride rate or pedal revolutions per minute.

  • Temperature (Average): The typical temperature experienced during the session.

The General tab serves as a comprehensive reference, offering a quick overview of performance metrics. This valuable information supports data-driven decisions, training adjustments, and performance evaluations, enhancing the athlete's training journey.

TrainingPeaks integration

In this section, you have full access to all the session details entered on TrainingPeaks, including the Title, Description, and Pre-Activity Comments. This feature allows you to effortlessly confirm whether the completed session matches your prescribed plan.

Centralizing this data simplifies training management, providing you with the tools to monitor training consistency and ensure alignment with athletes' training goals and objectives.

Training Summary Generation

GrAIg introduces a groundbreaking innovation as the first Generative AI capable of summarizing training sessions using our unique technology. Unlike traditional methods, our AI can understand an athlete's performance during training without requiring any prior information. This advancement enables you to save valuable time by effortlessly writing to your athletes, providing them with crucial support throughout their journey, and fostering strong athlete-coach relationships.

How does it work?

  1. AI-generated Summary: Our AI processes the data from training sessions and automatically generates a comprehensive summary containing all the relevant information. This includes key metrics, performance insights, and any notable achievements during the session.

  2. Personalized Notes: As a coach, you have the flexibility to add your personal touch to the generated summary. You can include custom notes, motivational messages, or specific feedback tailored to the athlete's progress and goals.

  3. Seamless Delivery: Once the summary is ready, you can send it directly to the athlete in the Post-Activity Comments section on TrainingPeaks. This streamlined process ensures that athletes receive timely and personalized feedback, enhancing their motivation and engagement throughout their training journey.

By utilizing GrAIg's revolutionary technology, you can efficiently communicate with your athletes, provide timely support, and maintain a strong sense of connection. Athletes will feel empowered, supported, and motivated to track their progress and achieve their best performance. This innovative tool elevates coaching efficiency, enriches athlete experiences, and ultimately contributes to enhanced training outcomes and athletic success.

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