User Guide



In this first General tab, you can access all the key information about the session:
  • Performance Score
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Power (Adjusted, Average, Maximum)
  • Heart rate (Average, Maximum, Percentage of maximum)
  • Session type
  • Detected laps
  • Training Loads
  • Total work
  • Elevation gain & loss
  • Speed (Average)
  • Cadence (Average)
  • Temperature (Average)
Training Analysis


You can also access the session streams, including elevation, power, cadence, heart rate & speed streams.
Depending on the sensors worn during the activity, we may also display the body temperature, blood glucose, or muscle oxygen saturation streams.
If you have other sensor data that you would like to be integrated with GrAIg, please contact us and we will do our best to add it ASAP.


You can zoom in on the streams to get statistics on the area of interest. We automatically calculate metrics on power, heart rate, speed, elevation, grade, and temperature.

Detected laps

By clicking on detected laps, we directly display the laps that have been detected by our Deep Learning algorithms. The background color represents the associated power zone.
This feature saves you a lot of time and helps you directly identify the intensity laps.
Detected laps

Missing power values predictions

Whenever the power stream has missing values due for example to a power meter bug, we automatically estimate the jump in the data to fill in the gaps.


The Torque is displayed in the same way as the detected laps. This option is particularly interesting for analyzing the force applied and the sprints performed with maximum torque.

W' balance

W' balance stream gives information on the depletion of anaerobic capacity. This can be useful in understanding the athlete's fatigue levels and making adjustments to the training plan if necessary.
W' balance

Power zones

Adding an athlete's power zones on the stream background can help you check if the lap was carried out out the right intensity.