By navigating to the Calendar tab, you gain access to a comprehensive overview of all the sessions performed by the selected athlete displayed at the top. This intuitive interface allows you to browse through different weeks, months, or even seasons.

Each activity is presented with the following details:

  1. Sport: This indicates the specific sport or activity that the athlete engaged in during the session.

  2. Session Type: Our system automatically categorizes each session type, making it easy to identify the nature of the training or exercise.

  3. Duration and Distance: You can view the duration of each session along with the distance covered, providing valuable insights into the athlete's training progress.

This user-friendly interface empowers you to effectively monitor and track training activities over time. With easy navigation through past sessions, it becomes seamless to gain a holistic understanding of the athlete's training history and progression.


Our interface offers even more in-depth insights when you hover your cursor over an activity in the Calendar tab. By doing so, you can access a wealth of additional details regarding the session, including:

  • Details of Intervals: Get a breakdown of the intervals performed during the session, allowing you to analyze the distribution of effort and intensity throughout the training.

  • Normalized Power: This metric provides a more accurate representation of the athlete's effort, considering variations in power output during the session.

  • Average Heart Rate: Understand the athlete's average heart rate during the training, giving insights into their cardiovascular exertion.

  • Altitude Gain: Access information about the total vertical distance climbed during the session, which is especially relevant for sports involving elevation changes.

  • Energy Expenditure: Gain valuable data on the estimated amount of energy expended by the athlete during the training session.

  • Associated Training Load: Understand the overall training load associated with the session, enabling better monitoring of the athlete's workload.

  • Sub-Sport: Identify the specific sub-sport or specialized activity type within the main sport category.

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