The presented curves offer a comprehensive overview of the athlete's power performance based on different date ranges. These curves include:

  1. All-Time RPP (Record Power Profile): This curve showcases the athlete's best power values of all time as a function of duration. It provides a historical perspective of the athlete's peak power performance across various timeframes, offering insights into their long-term capabilities.

  2. Last 365 Days RPP: This curve focuses on the athlete's power performance within the last 365 days. It represents the best power values achieved during this specific timeframe, providing a more recent and relevant assessment of the athlete's current capabilities.

  3. RPP for the Selected Date Range: The third curve displays the athlete's power performance within the selected date range. It allows for a customizable analysis of the athlete's power achievements during specific training periods or competitive seasons.

The power values on the graph range from 1 second to 3 hours, covering a wide spectrum of efforts and durations. On the right side of the graph, you have the option to select more curves based on the amount of energy spent (in kJ/kg) before the records. This feature allows you to customize the display to focus on specific energy expenditure levels and compare corresponding power performances.

Below, you can find the 6 record power values for a defined duration and energy expenditure. These values represent the highest power outputs achieved by the athlete within the specified criteria.

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