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"The real secret of a race is to know how to analyze it. If you know how to analyze a race, you know how to win it." B. Hinault
The Races tab is similar to the Sessions tab summarizing the races completed by the rider according to the selected dates.
Races are classified into 4 types:
  • Flat: Positive elevation gain of less than 2200m and an ascent distance of less than 13km. The finish is flat.
  • Hilly: Positive elevation gain of 2500m minimum with 13 to 35km of climbing throughout the race.
  • Mountain: Positive elevation gain of more than 3000m with a minimum of 35km of climbing or if the final ascent is more than 10km.
  • Time-Trial: Individual race
Sanders & Heijboer, 2019
The objective is to demonstrate which type of races the rider's season or current period is focused on.

Record Power Profile

Being able to analyse the RPP is important, however, victory will be achieved thanks to power levels attained after significant energy expenditure.
That's why you can choose the energy expenditure of your choice and display the relevant RPP. You can also choose a race type only for the RPP graph.
A summary table of all the power values according to energy expenditure is provided below the graph.

Power distribution by race

The graphical representation of the power distribution by race seems to help in determining the race difficulty and improving the training load accuracy.
A spread out distribution will indicate a race with many power peaks, while conversely, a narrow distribution testifies of a relatively constant and regular race.

Power & Heart Rate Distribution

Here you will find the power and heart rate distribution for all races in which the athlete has participated.