User Guide


By clicking on the Analytics tab, you can access several visual quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Date range

On the top left hand side, you can select the period you wish to analyze. You can select a start and end date by clicking on the calendar icons.
The first Overall section focuses on the training load analysis.
Analytics - Overall section

Training Stress Score & Balance

Here, you will find a summary of the sessions performed sorted by type (Race, Aerobic, Tempo, Sprint...).
Each vertical bar represents the session load (calculated according to the Coggan method).
The yellow dots represent the performance scores calculated as described here.
Finally, the red brown area represents the Training Stress Balance (calculated according to the Coggan method).

Chronic & Acute Training Load

Just below the TSS and TSB section, you can witness the Chronic and Acute training load evolution. The blue curve represents Fitness (CTL) while the yellow one represents Fatigue (ATL).
The difference between these two curves, here represented as the yellow area can be used to assess an athlete's overall fitness level and determine if they are overworked or need more training. CTL (Chronic Training Load): is a measure of the cumulative training load over an extended period of time, usually several weeks or months. It is calculated by taking into account the intensity and duration of each training session. ATL (Acute Training Load): is calculated over a shorter period of time, usually the last few weeks or days. It is also calculated by taking into account the intensity and duration of each training session. The ATL can be used to assess an athlete's recovery and to determine whether they are ready to sustain an increased training load. By using these two measures, it is possible to monitor an athlete's training and fitness progress and determine if the training plan is appropriate or needs to be adjusted. This can help prevent overwork and injury and maximise the athlete's performance.

Time in zones

The last part of this section shows the time spent in each power and heart rate zone during the selected period.
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