User Guide

Sleep Analysis

Sleep has been identified as an important factor contributing to optimal athletic performance. Bird, Stephen. (2013).
With a health wearable like Oura or Whoop, you can track sleep data. In particular, your sleep score (directly calculated by the wearable), your sleep duration, efficiency and respiratory rate.
You can also obtain further details like the time distribution in % of your 4 stages of sleep:
  1. 1.
    Light sleep
  2. 2.
    Deep sleep (or Slow-Wave Sleep): Physically restorative stage
  3. 3.
    REM sleep: Mentally restorative stage
  4. 4.
    Awake periods

Sleep screen

Among the analytics available on the Sleep view, you can retrieve:
  • Sleep Score: The ratio between the actual hours of sleep and the ideal amount of sleep needed.
  • Sleep duration: A long duration with many awakening phases will result in decreased sleep efficiency and poor recovery.
  • Sleep efficiency: A high sleep efficiency indicates the previous night was optimal to the athlete's recovery.
  • Respiratory rate: A change in respiratory rate compared to your baseline means a change in your physical condition.
It is essential to be very thorough and regular in wearing the device the in order to have reliable data. Wearables often need a minimum of 30 days of history for the data to be accurate.